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 November 30, 2016



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Endtime Money

Faith Building


Presentation to the Pre-Trib Research Centre Conference in Dallas - December 8, 2015


Current Aligning Biblical Trends of the World of Political Economy

Wrong Headed Prophecy Series

 Did you know that some 3000 years of Middle Eastern geopolitics is described in the Bible? Careful study reveals 8 key, successive regimes. They can be identified and corroborated with history. No speculations are required.  However, many of these prophecies depend on both New and Old Testament reference to “heads.” Most of the confusion is due to “wrong-headedness” as we show in this series.

  Prophecy: Right- or Wrong-Headed? – Part IV
October 2012

 Prophecy: Right- or Wrong-Headed? – Part III
September 2012

 Prophecy: Right- or Wrong-Headed? – Part II
August 2012

 Prophecy: Right- or Wrong-Headed? – Part I
July 2012

The Bible Doom & Gloom Syndrome: A Reputation Undeserved

 A frustrated comment that we sometimes hear is this: Why all the doom and gloom in sermons and prophecy? Why the heavy admonitions and scare tactics? The Bible provides a clear and certain answer to all of these questions, showing that these expressed concerns are misplaced … and perhaps even the result of wrong teachings.

  The Bible Doom & Gloom Syndrome May 2013


Future Israel Linked: Islam, Oil & The Christian West

Modern Money Morality Series

 If you listen to the theories of modern-day macro-economists, you’d think there is no such thing as morality. Apparently, everything goes in the world of “political economy.” Just how do all modern economic and monetary theories and policies stack up in the Bible?

  Mephistopheles & the Global Monetary Magicians
January 2013

  Shamans Shamed: A Lost World of Political Economy – Part II
December 2012 

 Shamans Shamed: A Lost World of Political Economy – Part I
November 2012

Age of Celebrity: Eternity Abandoned for Fleeting Immortality

 Celebrity is a relatively modern invention. Just where and when did this  concept originate? There are people today who make a vocation out of being a celebrity … and nothing more. We find that the emergence of celebrity has some eschatological connections.

  Age of Celebrity: Eternity Abandoned March 2012

Present Israel Linked: Money & Anti-Semitism

Endtime Earthquakes, Pestilences, Famines & Disasters: When?

Are the incidence and severity of earthquakes increasing? It’s a pivotal question for several reasons, not the least of which is that Bible prophecy makes frequent references to earthquakes. And, did you know that the “earthquakes in diverse places” mentioned by Christ in the Olivet Discourse are not the same ones as mentioned in Revelation?

Part I     Part II

Posted February 2012

Out of the Mouth of Babes:10 Conundrums

Have you ever felt ashamed to admit your Biblical worldview? Actually, it takes more faith to belief any other view. Even babes would agree. We pose 10 “randomly” selected perspectives that are intended to encourage people’s “reasoning” to acknowledge true Wisdom; to perhaps challenge the worldly wisdom of the wise.

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Posted February 2012

Far East Asia:
Geo-Politics or Geo-Prophecy? - Oct. 2010

Fulfilled: Rumors of War Rising

The timing and the roles of the two signs of “hearing of wars and rumors of wars” and “nations rising against nation” mentioned in the Olivet Discourse are very different. How so? We conclude that it can be shown that the qualifying conditions for rising “rumors of war,”  are already in place today.

Rumors of War Rising

Posted February 2012

Newly Revealed: Bible Leaks

We show how the WikiLeaks saga of recent years confirms some “Bible Leaks.” And, there is one group of people who will some day respond to a significant “Bible leak.” The Jewish people will again respond to the “knowledge” of the Scriptures.

Bible Leaks

Posted February 2012

Stalking Global Currency: Endtime
Money in Prophecy

Jubileum: God's Prophetic Outline for Prosperity

Prosperity is a favorite topic of politicians, policymakers ... and yes, religions. In fact, there are alone many teachings on this topic under the big tent of so-called Christianity. This 3-part series is a straight-up, feet on the ground perspective that strives to observe the whole witness of the Bible ... not isolated verses that are the departure points for many false teachings.

Part I: God's Prophetic Outline for Prosperity

Part II: Human Oppressors and Enslavers Restrained

Part III: Hope for the Poor in Spirit and Wealth?

Posted July 2011

Far East Asia Trends Today

Many commentators points to the growing influence of Asia ... particularly that of Chine ... as having prophetic significance.  Just what does the Bible say?  This 3-part series takes an in-depth look into Asian trends today.  Will China or a collection of Asian nations eventually take a dominant world-controlling position. Not likely.

Part I: Like a Flood

Part II: Topic of Bible Prophecy?

Part III: Geo-politics or Geo-prophecy?

Posted October 2010

The Jews, Money and World

God's Glory, False Gold or Fools' God?

Jesus said that you cannot worship God and Mammon; that you can only serve one. This was a perspective that troubled even the disciples.  Just how is it possible to serve just one?  Why is it that Mammon usually succeeds as master by default? Just what are the manifestations of this question upon the late-stage globalized world today?

God's Glory, False Gold or Fools' God

Last-Day Oppressors: Honored Elites & an Indebted World Order

Ever wonder how a last-day world order can take global rulership yet be deeply indebted?  These conditions seem incompatible.  Isn't the lender to be the master of the debtor? This article series outlines, from a Biblical perspective just how and why such conditions will come about.

Part I  Part II

Like a Flood: Top Accelerating Global Trends Since 1948

Ten: The Magic Number of Endtime Post-Globalism

The world is moving to a post-globalist state. It is a shift that is also prophesied. In order for the next dominant world-governing regime, the short period of 10 kings, big geopolitical shifts must first occur. Are these already underway? This article discusses the latest trends of multipolarism and minilateralism ... trends that align with Bible Prophecy.

Ten: The Magic Number of Post Globalism 

Posted Jan. 2010


The False Prophet: Last and Final Economic Guru

The Bible tells us that a time will come when commerce and the act of
buying and selling can be controlled worldwide. It is a telling alert that it will be a religious figure that ends up being the world's last economic guru. A strange coincidence? No. Seen together, macroeconomics and globalization today are the world's largest religion.

The False Prophet: Last and Final Economic Guru 

Posted March 2010


Approaching Terminus: The 10 Kings
and Global Babylon - Oct. 2010

The Most Abused Name Brand in the World

What discerning consumer today would be enticed to examine the veracity and saving grace offered by Jesus Christ on such advertisements of tainted self-help theology and cheesy religious entertainment.


Most Abused Brand Name

Posted Feb, 2009 

The Babylon Occlusion: Can You See It?

Much of North America's pre-Millennial, evangelical community suffers from the Babylonian Occlusion. Why? The point of reference has become the world, and not the Bible. Many are therefore blind. Take a different glimpse.


The Babylon Occlusion

Posted Mar. 2009 


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