What our Readers Say

See what readers have to say about the Mulberry Ministry.

“I read your newsletter with great interest. […] I think it would be well accepted by many true believers here in the States and Canada also."
  • David Wilkerson, Pastor, Times Square Church
  • Jean-Marc Berthoud | Lausanne, Switzerland
“Editor Wilfred Hahn presents fresh intelligence and insight on finance and investing from an unashamedly Christian Viewpoint. [*Eternal Value Review] exhibits a depth and professionalism all too scarce in publications that bill themselves as Christian.”
  • Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger | Memphis, Tennessee
“The letter is a must for any Christians with monetary interests.”
  • Dr. David Reagan, Lamb & Lion Ministries | Princeton, Texas
“I really enjoy the [Eternal Value Review]. I began receiving your publication approximately 2 years ago and have appreciated it ever since. […] it has been illuminating. Thank you again.”
  • Steve Thompson, Executive Vice President, Morningstar Ministries | Charlotte, North Carolina
“I found Mr. Hahn’s position to be a sober analysis of financial matters in the New World Order, a world in which all people must live.”
  • Arnold Froese, Midnight Call Ministries | West Columbia, South Carolina**
  • Peter L. Mengy, Evangelical Times | Durham, England
“Very many thanks for one of the most interesting newsletters I have ever received. May the glorious Lord God Almighty bless your ministry.”
  • William G. Richardson, Journalist | London, England
“It’s taken me more than a little while to realize that there’s a lot of common sense, good advice and helpful Christian perspective in your work.”
  • Doug Koop, Editor, ChristanWeek | Winnipeg, Canada
“I find the [Eternal Value Review] useful and interesting.”
  • Reverend Derek J. Green, Direction Magazine | Flintshire, England
“I enjoy the facts and data that is offered.”
  • Joseph Tkach, President, Worldwide Church of God | Pasadena, California
“The War Cry, the UK’s biggest selling religious weekly, receives from you regular copies of Idol Money Review, which I read with interest.”
  • Captain Charles Smith, Editor, The War Cry | London, England